Clara Blanco

Clara Luisa Blanco Chapellin (Caracas, 1967)



 -Universidad Metropolitana: Specialization in Intellectual Property (Caracas, 2009)

-Universidad Santa María: Lawyer.  (Caracas, 2006)

Professional activity:

-Director- Lawyer of the Law Firm “Dr. Luis Blanco Hernández ”(Founded in 1890): Since 2000

Developed areas:

-Study and application of Invention Patents

-Study and application of Industrial Designs

-Drafting and registration of assignments and licenses

-Background search and analysis

-Translation of documents and descriptive reports

-Assignment of inventors

-Answering return orders due to defects in form and substance

-Briefs of pleadings and administrative alerts

-Administrative resources


-Payment of annuities

-Attention to fines and other penalties

-Granting of exclusive rights